Pre-Sale Home Theater Questions (5)

What size screen should I get for my room, and how far away should I sit for the best picture?

It depends on how big your room is. For a bedroom, kitchen or office, where you’ll probably be pretty close to the TV, you can go with a relatively small screen: 32″ or even 26″. But for the main TV in your living room or home theater, we recommend getting the largest screen that fits your budget and room. That’s based on our own experiences and on feedback from our customers.

Can you put a tv above our fireplace? Does MWW drill and install the outlets and wires so everything is hidden?

Yes! Every concealed wire installation is different, though, please use the contact form, email or call us to schedule an appointment to obtain a detailed estimate on your TV mounting service.

How Do I Build a Custom Home Theater System and Media Room?

Whether you are a great do-it-yourselfer or a complete novice with a large amount of cash to work with, the best way to get the most out of your custom built home theater/media room is to consult a home theater installation expert that does construction.

How much does it cost to install and set up a home theater?

We will offer qualified services at reasonable rates and guarantee our installs for many years to come. The pricing for our home theater design and installation services depends greatly on the complexity of the system and the type of sound system used. We will also beat our competitor’s pricing, just show us what they estimated, and we will beat it.

How Much Do I Really Need to Spend on a Home Theater?

This is always the bottom line, what you spend really depends on what you want and where it is to be used. Advances in technology and the downward price spiral of components are constantly changing what to expect in terms of a potential home theater budget. There are some inexpensive and mid-range options that provide exceptional value and performance, while some very expensive components only deliver a marginal increase in performance and may not always be the best value for you.

Pre-Sale Computer Questions (5)

How much do you charge per Hour?

We charge a flat rate of $74, which includes tax.

What does your Flat Rate include?

Our flat rate includes labor only. It doesn’t matter if it takes 30 minutes or three hours.

Should I Expect Any Charges Other Than the Flat Rate?


Do You Charge Extra For In-Home/Business Service?

Yes. The reasoning behind this is because, if you drop a computer off at my home office, I am able to work on the computer and watch TV etc. When I come to your residence or office, I am there until the job is completed. We charge hourly for In-Home/Business Service at $70.

Do You Guarantee Your Service?

Yes. For most problems, we guarantee our service for 90 days.

Customer Service Questions (5)

What is good about your service as opposed to other companies, like the Geek Squad?

We are a local company, insured and licensed in the states we work in. Most companies do not know that you have to be licensed in the State of Wyoming to install and work on home theater systems and streaming boxes. We call a lot of companies out there, “Trunk Slammers.” These companies have no licenses, no insurance and just go from state to state contracting out home theater installs with no credibility.

Some companies wear protective booties and give you the white glove service, do your services include that?

Yes, we wear booties over our shoes, and we wear gloves when handling equipment and walls. We also clean up our mess after the job is completed and take the time to teach you your new system. We also answer the phone when you have a problem. Many problems can be solved with just a quick phone call or one of our technicians will set up an appointment to service your system.

What do we need to do?

We need the area where we will be working absent of breakables, kids and pets. We will also need your specific input before we start.

Can you provide five local references?

We can provide as many references as you would like.

How good are your installers, and how long has your company has been in business?

Our home theater installers have proven experience and provide thorough customer support. Our installers have successfully completed Quality Assurance Inspections, a high level of technical installation training and agreed to rigorous series of best practices. A system installed by our Magic Wand Wiring installers will include attention to equipment performance, appearance and thorough customer education.
We have been in business since 2005, performing over 3,000 custom installs and services throughout Wyoming and Colorado. We have held contracts with many companies, which include Circuit City, Best Buy, Ultimate Electronics and Sears. We are committed to excellence, and I know you will not be disappointed with our work.